Affiliated To Dibrugarh University



There is a central library in the college with a rapidly increasing collection of Text books, Journals, Magazine, Reference Books, Newspaper, etc. The functioning at the library is going to be computerised. Besides the central library, each Department of the college has its own Departmental library with a collection of Text and Reference Books.

Library cards are issued to the students by the librarian and a student can not keep a library book more than 15 days from the issuing date. Otherwise, he/she will be penalized by late fine of Rs. 1.00 per day. The damage or destroying of any borrowed book must be paid of the amount of the issuing book by the borrowed person. Loss of card will be renewed by a fine of Rs. 40/ -. A new Library Building with modern facilities is under construction financed by the Govt. of Assam.

Indoor Stadium:

The college have a well equipped Indoor Stadium which is constructed by U.G.C. Grant.


The College provides hostel facilities for students. The Girls' Hostel have been constructed by U.G.C Grant.


The college offers different Scholarships for the students of the college. The different scholarships availed by the students of the college are:

  1. SC/ST Scholarship.
  2. OBC/MOBC Scholarship (Post Metric)
  3. BPL Scholarship (UGC)


In order to perform various literary and cultural activities of the students, there is a big auditorium at the college which is under construction.

Play Ground:

The college has a large payground where all types of games and Sports are conducted. The College provides ample facilities for the students for the upliftment in the field of Games & Sports.


There isawell furnished canteen in the college which provides tea, snacks, chamusa, chappatis etc. to the students, teachers and officials at moderate rate.

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