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Sl. No. Portfolios Students Details Photograph
1 President Parama Kalita
Contact No: 6000306756
Email ID:
2 General Secretary Akash Chetia
Contact No: 9707168793
Email ID:
3 Assistant General Secretary Parish Gogoi
Contact No: 9678388722
Email ID:
4 Social Service Secretary Karan Das
Contact No: 6001902590
Email ID:
5 Cultural Secretary Shivani Gogoi
Contact No: 6003376035
Email ID:
6 Games and Sports Secretary Dipankar Dehingia
Contact No: 6001735834
Email ID:
7 Debate and Literary Secretary Dimpe Das
Contact No: 7099313206
Email ID:
8 Magazine Secretary Pompee borah
Contact No: 7638043102
Email ID:
9 Boys Common Room Secretary Debojit Handique
Contact No: 6002981462
Email ID:
10 Girls Common Room Secretary Luna Sonowal
Contact No: 9957878667
Email ID:

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