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College Rules

The following rules and regulations of the college must be followed by all the students:

  1. The students must be in full uniform with Identity Card within the college campus.
  2. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. Any student found indulging in such activities will be strictly dealt with as per guideline recommended by the Supreme Court.
  3. Students must keep Bicycle/Bikes in proper place.
  4. Use of mobile phone in the College Office, Class room, Library, Examination hall is restricted.
  5. Students must take care of the college properties. They must not damage college properties.
  6. The students must follow the Supreme Court Guideline in the Election of the Students' Union.
  7. Student’s activities, functions, Picnic and Excursion will be organized only with the prior permission of the college authority.
  8. The students should maintain the traditional family relationship with the teachers including Principal. Vice Principal and non-teaching staff. Violation of these rules will cause disciplinary action against the students.

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