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বেণুধৰ ৰাজখোৱা গ্ৰন্থাগাৰ আৰু তথ্য কেন্দ্ৰ

About Library

-> The college library serves as the centre for academic activities supporting the institution's objective of achieving excellence in research and education. The Central library of “Khowang College” is serving its’ users from the inception of the College i.e. from the year 1982. Library has been renamed as “Benudhar Rajkhowa Library and Information Centre”. Benudhar Rajkhowa was a prominent writer, poet and dramatist of Assam from Khowang area.
-> The library has a collection of 18,000+ books (textbooks, reference and other books) and subscriptions to 3 printed journals, 3 newspapers, and 6 magazines. The library has a good collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries and books on competitive examinations.
-> The library is undergoing through the process of automation with KOHA ILMS.
-> The college library is Wi-Fi based and users can use the Wi-Fi service in the library.
-> Benudhar Rajkhowa Library and Information Centre is a member of the N-LIST and users can access 199500+ E-books and 6000+ E-journals available in the N-LIST database.
-> The library orientation program is conducted for newly admitted students. Students can avail reprographic service in the library by paying only a nominal fee.
-> Book-bank facilities are also offered to the needy and deserving students who may borrow books for the whole academic session.

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